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Crystal Clear Design Solutions offers a full turn-key of service that is related to the design and construction of Construction Camps or Staff Villages.  Our team members have experience in designing, planning, engineering, costing and construction of Camps of this nature and therefore come with a wealth of knowledge in this type of construction.  Our expertise and experiences range from the design and engineering phase of a project of this nature through to on-the-ground experience.

Our teams have worked in South Africa, Africa as well as aboard and have been involved the construction of camps ranging from 200 people to 10 000 people in Iraq so are best placed to assist you with your camp design and construction requirements.

Our service encompass all phases of the design, planning, engineering, costing and construction process of a camp and we can therefore assure you that that our design will be tailored to the needs of the client.  Along with our extensive expertise and knowledge of the various building system solutions out there we can assure you that we are able to determine the solution for your company from the start. 

From there we will be able to assist your company to identify your requirements in terms of Civils, Utilities etc., right down to the linen and cutlery to be used by the camps patrons. Our services include comprehensive project management functions of every stage of the project, therefore ensuring the greatest possible benefit to the client in all aspects.
CCDS can therefore assure their clients the best experience and expertise will be provided, along with the best solution to complete their project timely and within budget.