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Crystal Clear Design Solutions offers full turnkey project management service.

Our services include the following :

costing phase
Once all the detailed drawings have be finalised and checked we’ll assist by putting the project out to tender. A full costing of the prices we receive back from various contractors and suppliers will be made available to you. We will assist and ensure that all costs have been allowed for. Once you are satisfied with the costings we will nominate the same who will assist with the build of the project.

Once this nomination process has been finalised we will then be in a position with feedback from the various parties concerned, to put together a project flow chart for you. This will map out the entire process for you and confirm the timing of each step of the project. This will then give you a good indication on how long the build process will take and our project manager will use this as a guideline with which to work in, in order to get the project done on time. If at this point the timeline needs to be pulled we will be able to identify if any additional resources need to be added and if there will be a corresponding cost implication. Once this is finalised we will start with the project.

building phase
During the build process/project management phase of the project our dedicated Project Manager will co-ordinate all the contractors/suppliers on your behalf. The PM will liaise with the Centre Management to ensure that all our contractors keep to their ‘Rules and Regulations’ to ensure that all Site Safety is adhered to.

This Project Manager will be totally responsible for the project from the start to the day we hand over the keys to you. You will be updated regularly on his progress to ensure that you know what is happening as it happens.

Estimated Costing
Project Management of all contractors during the implementation/construction phase